Below are links to a range of posts I have written in response to current social issues and debates gaining a high profile at the time of writing in the media and/or on social media.

Published elsewhere

‘Can anything good come from all of this?’, published in Ethos Engage.Mail,
25 March 2020

‘The fifties housewife in my head: Finding freedom from shame and inadequacy’, published in Mutuality, 28(1), March 2019.

More than smart phones and smashed avocado: A millennial apologetic’, appearing in Zadok Perspectives 2017, Issue 137: Summer

‘Is performance culture behind a Christian mental health epidemic?’, appearing in Zadok Perspectives 2017, Issue 136: Spring, also published online by Ethos Engage.Mail on 11 September 2017

‘God is our refuge, we are theirs’, published by Common Grace, 23 June 2017

‘Reconciliation: the family business’, Ethos Engage.Mail, 1 June 2017

Personal blog posts

‘2017: A year for women’, 21 December 2017

‘Today I voted ‘Yes’. Here’s why’, 22 September 2017

‘Why I oppose a postal vote’, 8 October 2017

‘Can a Christian support same-sex marriage?’, 8 October 2017

‘In defence of millennials’, 14 July 2017

‘Yassmin’s story holds a sinister message for young women of faith’, 7 July 2017

‘When quantity trumps quality’, 29 May 2017

‘The social network’, 16 May 2017