Below are links to a range of posts I have written in response to current social issues and debates gaining a high profile at the time of writing in the media and/or on social media. All views expressed are my own.

Published elsewhere

‘Embracing uncertainty in ‘2020: Continued’, published in Ethos Engage.Mail, 17 February 2021.

Guest blog: ‘The limits of freedom’ by Bruce Judd, 20 August 2020, originally published in the Cherrybrook Christian Fellowship Newsletter.

‘Can anything good come from all of this?’, published in Ethos Engage.Mail,
25 March 2020

‘The fifties housewife in my head: Finding freedom from shame and inadequacy’, published in Mutuality, 28(1), March 2019.

More than smart phones and smashed avocado: A millennial apologetic’, appearing in Zadok Perspectives 2017, Issue 137: Summer

‘Is performance culture behind a Christian mental health epidemic?’, appearing in Zadok Perspectives 2017, Issue 136: Spring, also published online by Ethos Engage.Mail on 11 September 2017

‘God is our refuge, we are theirs’, published by Common Grace, 23 June 2017

‘Reconciliation: the family business’, Ethos Engage.Mail, 1 June 2017

Personal blog posts

‘Globalisation in the age of COVID’, 23 February 2021

‘2017: A year for women’, 21 December 2017

‘Today I voted ‘Yes’. Here’s why’, 22 September 2017

‘Why I oppose a postal vote’, 8 October 2017

‘Can a Christian support same-sex marriage?’, 8 October 2017

‘In defence of millennials’, 14 July 2017

‘Yassmin’s story holds a sinister message for young women of faith’, 7 July 2017

‘When quantity trumps quality’, 29 May 2017

‘The social network’, 16 May 2017