The Handmaid’s Tale: A timely indictment of conservative religion

(Originally published by Ethos Engage.Mail) When I heard The Handmaid’s Tale was headed for the small screen, I dived afresh into the novel by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, which I had first attempted to read in high school but never finished. Probably not the wisest decision just months out from the launch of the series, which, like … Continue reading The Handmaid’s Tale: A timely indictment of conservative religion

When quantity trumps quality

Today, 29 May, was Wear White At Work Day, organised by the organisation White Wreath in support of people who have attempted suicide and their families. A very important cause, which made me feel extra bad when I forgot to wear white (no, not even my underwear). As I walked back from my lunch break, … Continue reading When quantity trumps quality

The secret to a stress-free wedding

(Photo by Cresswell Photography) These days, weddings have to be Hollywood-perfect. A grand entrance, intricate decorations, bespoke bonbonnieres, handmade invitations and a flawless bridal party. Read: lots and lots of money, and lots and lots of stress. Don't get me wrong, even if you skimp on the above, a wedding generally still costs lots and … Continue reading The secret to a stress-free wedding

The social network

(Image: Screenshot from Facebook) Last week I (kind of) celebrated my 10th Faceversary - that's right, 10 YEARS on Facebook. Feel free to buy me a traditional tin or aluminium gift - or diamond jewellery if you prefer (that's the modern equivalent apparently). Facebook has now defined one third of my life. My relationship with Facebook … Continue reading The social network